Commercial Due Diligence & Market Analysis


For each strategic business decision, it is imperative to have in-depth knowledge of the market environment. Within a professional due diligence preceding the potential acquisition of an enterprise, a detailed market analysis is crucial. The very specific conditions of the healthcare market necessitate the consultation of specialists that can provide expert support.

advisors in healthcare can rely on broad specialist expertise in the healthcare field and can support your organization with in-depth desk research, analysis and interpretation of market-specific reports and trend evaluations. Due to close association with experts in almost all sectors of the healthcare field, advisors in healthcare can get insiders to participate in expert interviews in order to provide you with especially valuable market assessments.

Since 2006, advisors in healthcare has successfully concluded numerous due diligence projects in various sectors of the healthcare field. We assess if your target's business model is sustainable in the long term under consideration of internal as well as external factors. We put the acquired information in a form that enables you to assess opportunities and risks in a timely manner and to make a qualified decision on an appropriate acquisition price.

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Anne Kuhbier Managing Director

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What we can do for you
Commercial Due Diligence
Market and competitor analysis
Commercialization opportunities
  • Execution and evaluation of expert interviews
  • Comprehensive analysis and assessment of business model
  • Performance of quick checks and red flag analyses
  • Compilation of a complete (bankable) due diligence report
  • Analysis of market development and market potential
  • Identification and assessment of direct and indirect competitors
  • Evaluation of market trends and innovations
  • Identification of market-specific unmet needs
  • Execution of GAP analyses
  • Analysis of product-specific potentials
  • Evaluation of products and concepts
  • Performance of SWOT analyses
  • Development of economic models
  • Primary and secondary market research including expert interviews and expert discussions